Last Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What to Expect

At 4 Sight Home Inspection we perform a professional visual examination of the condition of a home. In today’s market, homebuyers view inspections to gain valuable information about the home.

We do our very best to determine whether there are major defects, inadequacies and potential safety related issues prior to final closing / purchase.

4 Sight Inspections are usually performed after a sales contract is enter into between the buyer and seller. Inspections are usually arranged within a few days. The homebuyer, seller and realtors are encouraged to attend the inspection. We want all parties to see firsthand knowledge of the home. Most home Inspections take 3 to 4 hours.

Home inspections will highlight the features of the home. 4 Sight Home Inspection annotations help to remove home purchaser apprehensions and go a long way to guide your family home.

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