Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Let's face it, we're not 1950's housewives/househusbands who stay-at-home and have all day to get the cleaning done around the home and office. 

Today, now more than ever, families and professionals in business are busier than ever! It is okay to ask for some help, we promise. It doesn't mean that you can't do it yourself or that you are lazy. You are simply taking control and declaring your time to be better spent doing something else! 
Congratulations you have made the first step (visiting our website) to start saving yourself time! Contact us today 715.830.1156 or to set up your FREE consultation to discuss how we can start helping you.
We would love to set up a FREE Consultation with you to determine what your cleaning needs are and see if AMK Cleaning could be of fit.  
It is our goal at AMK Cleaning to provide your home with your very own personal cleaning team. We work hard to assign our Cleaning Specialist Teams accordingly to our client's homes so that we are able to continue to have the same teams returning to the same homes. The clients get a chance to get to know their cleaning specialists and the cleaning specialist get to know our clients, homes, pets, and most importantly: how each client likes their home cleaned custom tailored to their personal needs.
What to expect at my consultation: AMK will come to your home/business. Consultations take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on what questions you may have for us. We will have you give us the grand tour; pointing out the trouble areas and cleaning pet peeves. We will leave you with our Consult Packet and compile a quote at our office which will be emailed over to you. When you receive your quote it is custom tailored to the items we went over at your consultation. There often are multiple options for you and we pride ourselves on working together with you to create the package that best serves your home and your budget. When reviewing your quote you can make any edits to the scope of work you would like done and how often you'd like it done to make it fit needs and budget better if necessary. We are readily available to help custom tailor every clients personal cleaning work plan.
AMK Cleaning Services provides: references, employees go through an extensive background check, and also sign privacy disclosures for added discretion. AMK Cleaning is FULLY INSURED and BONDED. Contact us today 715.830.1156 or to set up your FREE consultation to discuss how we can start helping you.
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