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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Welcome to Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning®

The power of oxygen is undeniable; Mother Nature has used oxygen to naturally purify the Earth for thousands of years. Now let the power of oxygen clean your carpets!

Oxi Fresh is a revolutionary carpet cleaning system that is committed to being green and environmentally friendly. Our carpet cleaning technology creates a powerful oxygenated cleaning system that breaks down stains so that they can be effectively removed from the carpet pile. Plus, the system is safe for children and pets, leaves no sticky residue, and has a fast one hour dry time! With our standard of excellence, we wouldn’t accept anything less.

Of course, anyone can make these claims - but where’s the proof? Right here in our testimonial section! Read what customers are saying about Oxi Fresh and how we surpass other carpet cleaning companies. Or, you can get some coupons and special offers by visiting our Carpet Cleaning Coupons page!


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