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Last Updated: Jun 4, 2020


Where our story began:

In April of 2015, our team was faced with a major question that we felt had to be answered – what would be the future of the real estate industry? Jamie M. Warosh, with 25 years of experience, explored (what felt like) the entire nation, desperately seeking to find that our industry was evolving, and the future of real estate salespersons was brighter than ever before! That answer, unfortunately, wasn’t quite discovered.  

See, we had a vision for the way the industry could be – should be. Fresh. Thrilling. Inspired. Ground-breaking. A concept so inventive, so progressive, so leading-edge, it wouldn’t ever be discovered. No, it would have to be built. Instantaneously, the team was assembled, the roles were assigned, development began, and in time, the model of CENTURY 21 Innovations was born…


Something new. Something different. More effective. A significant, positive change.

These are just a few of the definitions we found, and it immediately became evident that this name would be the perfect fit for our concept.

 Custom commission agreements, sales executive incentives, startup programs, state-of-the-art sales centers – just a few of the items that make our program so unique. Not  only do we service our clients and customers above and beyond the norm, but we teach, develop, and continuously reward each sales executive beyond imagination

The Franchise:

Finding a franchise that would promise to be as innovative as we are was simple. Century 21 offers state-of-the-art, worldwide, backing and branding. It is their mission to provide “best-in class brokerage services to all who aspire to buy and sell real estate anywhere in the world” (www.century21.com/careerfranchise).  With industry leading marketing, a wealth of expert tools and support, presence in over 75 countries, revolutionary training, and continuous development, it was evident the Century 21 System ® would provide us with that extra edge our concept thrives on.

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