Last Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Bringing engineering knowledge & confidence to protect your best interests  

 Zerrecon supports you in your property decisions by performing inspections and providing engineering analyses. 

*    Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Wisconsin (E-12996)

*    Wisconsin Commercial Building Inspector Certification No. 302455

*    UDC-HVAC Inspector

*    UDC-Construction Inspector

*    Rental Weatherization Inspector

*    Wisconsin Home Inspector No. 1847-106

*    35+ years experience in industry

*    Extensive background in ADA accommodations for people with disabilities

*    7 years experience in acoustics and noise control

*    Experience in the design and testing of HVAC equipment

*    Commercial property owner/manager experience

*    Experience testifying as an expert witness

*    Founder and President of Zerrecon, Inc with a 10+ year history of satisfied clients

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