We Offer:
  • Drama & Junior Drama Club
  • Dance Tree
  • Chess Club
  • Art Society and Art Club
  • After-School Extended Day
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Carden-Jackson...  A school with a caring staff that knows each child is capable of great things, and that the teacher's job is to show him the way.

Carden-Jackson offers before- and after- school homework help, 3 year old program, pre-Kindergarten, great public speaking skills development, and a language curriculum second to none. We are a non-denominational school designed to include people of all faiths.

We are not new to the world of teaching children. We have been conveniently located in the heart of Pearland since 1989. We have designed a program with proven results. Not only do we consistently turn out children that excel in school, we proudly focus on character development as well.

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