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Last Updated: May 8, 2021

The Monroe office, EKUM ABSTRACT & TITLE, INC., has been a continuous abstract and title company since 1897 providing title insurance from one of the largest title underwriters in the nation, Chicago Title Insurance Company. Having an outstanding reputation for title services in Green County, Wisconsin, Ekum Abstract and Title Inc., has expanded with an office conveniently located at 700 Main Street, Darlington, WI 53530, to serve Lafayette County, Wisconsin.

As a full service company, Ekum Abstract & Title provides abstracts, title insurance and closing services for all types of real estate for both Green and Lafayette Counties. Service is known to be the cornerstone of the age old company. The entire staff and office operations are exclusively focused on land title. The staff obtains, in a continuous manner, outside office education to stay abreast on solutions to handle today's land title concerns. Beginning in 1981 the title plants operation included the use of some of the most advanced customized computer software created to store and retrieve real estate records and liens which affect land title. Subsequently, their operations are still considered to be one of the most advanced title companies in the area considering their technical and human resources at hand.

The title operations include searching and examining real estate documents to assist with the determination of encumbrances and liens which could affect the condition of good land title The searching of records include the use of computers, manuals, and often microfiche. For many years, real estate data has been indexed in Ekum Abstract and Title's private plant. The title plant, like no other plant serving the area, was designed for efficient and accurate retrieval of real estate records. Drafting and understanding of legal descriptions is necessary for accurate determination and examination of documents applying to the real estate being worked on.

Please feel free to telephone or fax for any assistance of land title services by dialing 608-328-8221 or 800-750-2929 or fax 608-328-8223.

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