Last Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We Pick Up What You’re Putting Down

Junk can get in the way of important things. We get it. You want junk removed from the office or home. We do that.

“It’s Just so Hard to Let Go”.

So your junk wants to play hard ball. Klear Out understands that your junk may need to be removed from a wall, demolished, disassembled, chopped down or deconstructed. You name it, shelves, an old furnace, a wood shed, a built-in wall unit — we’ve got the tools to look after it.

“I mean…I can’t part with it”.

Right. Well counselling isn’t our thing, but we can tell you that we’ll do our best to find that nice old memento a good home. It’s all part of the ethical approach Klear Out uses toward junk.

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