Last Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Java Heating and Air Conditioning: Serving Greater Vancouver

Java Heating and Air Conditioning is the Lower Mainland's best choice for high quality professional service and value in heating and air conditioning HVAC service and maintenance.  We service and install both residential and commercial HVAC systems.  Let us take care of your heat and air needs.

Java Heating and Air Conditioning is an owner-operated company, ensuring that customers deal with the same technician every single time they call.  Plus, the same technician shows up at your door no matter when your appointment is scheduled.  No other Lower Mainland HVAC company can make this same guarantee!

What it means for you is consistent service by an experienced industry technician who gets to know you and your system.  This familiarity equals faster, more efficient service and, ultimately, a lower bill for you. 

Plus, we have no hidden fees and no random, unpredictable surcharges (including truck charges). 
Our rates are straight-up; no surprises.  We're a small company with grassroots values and a true passion for the customer, who is the heart and soul of everything we do, and it shows in the way we do business.

If you have a more complex job to complete, don't worry.  Java Heating and Air Conditioning has partnerships with other industry professionals, including electrical, sheet metal and plumbing contractors.  No task, whether commercial or residential, is too big for us to handle.

Give us a call today,
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