Last Updated: May 27, 2018

Your Local Culligan Man Knows Water.

Your local Culligan Man doesn’t just know Culligan products. He has the knowledge and know-how to service and repair ANY brand of water softener, water filter system or drinking water system. He also knows how to make sure you’re getting the best possible water by performing basic water quality testing in your home. He can also work with our accredited analytical lab for advanced testing. Ask about our Culligan Service Agreements for the most convenient and reliable service for your water treatment system.

 Culligan Water Testing 

  • In-home basic water testing for chlorine, hardness, iron, and other basic items.  
  • Certified laboratory testing in Rosemont, Illinois. Your Culligan Man will provide you with a complete kit for shipping water overnight directly to our labs.  
  • Annual well water testing at Culligan’s lab.  
  • Specialty testing for specific concerns or when purchasing a new home where well water or other non-municipal supplies are used.  

Your local Culligan Man performs these services

  • Bottled water delivery.  
  • Portable exchange tank delivery and removal.  
  • Repairs Culligan and other water treatment systems.  
  • Performs regular maintenance.  
  • Installs systems or replacement parts.  
  • Delivers and refills salt.  
  • Checks water quality.  
  • Sanitizes your system.  


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