Last Updated: May 30, 2020

Prem Meats was founded by our great grandfather Michael Prem in the late 1800’s in a little dwarf village, Teunz, Germany. Our grandfather, Joseph (Michaels’s son), immigrated to the U.S. in 1921 bringing along many Bavarian sausage recipes. Our father Bill has fond memories of the little butcher shop & smoke house that was built by his father on the Prem family farm north of Plain, WI.

In 1972 our father and a friend wanted to go west elk hunting, but did not have the money to do so. They brain stormed an idea to put a sign up on the highway at his friends garage that they would skin deer for hunters for a small fee. They made enough to go west and have gone every year since. Later on they started experimenting with making sausage and did so in the little garage.

By 1984 both Dad and my Mom, Sandi, had full time jobs but took on the venture of building a meat shop for processing deer. The original shop was built to accommodate 100 deer. As business kept growing the shop was built onto 5 years in a row, ending up today with a building that can process 800 deer a season and comfortably house a retail shop in the front.

In the late 80’s Mom and Dad were approached by a local company to cater their summer party , thus starting Prem Catering. The retail portion of the business came about because of the high demand for our famous BBQ pork, which previous to this time was only prepared for catering events.

In 2000 the shop was built on for one last time to accommodate a larger retail meat area. By this time Dad & Mom had resigned from their full time jobs to put all their efforts into the retail store.

April 1, 2010 we bought the business from our parents, and with the growth in business we will be expanding yet again. Spring of 2012 we will be breaking ground on a new Prem Meats on Hwy. 14 in Spring Green, and so the story goes………………..

Terry & Marty Prem

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