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Last Updated: May 30, 2020

Ductwork MD

Duct Cleaning done right... and for the right price!



Ductwork MD provides a wide variety of services to improve indoor air quality. We are a premium furnace and duct cleaning company. In addition, we are experts in residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning. We also sell and install furnace filters, air purifiers, and in-duct ultraviolet air sanitizers.
We bring decades of experience to every job and can diagnose, treat, and remedy any indoor air quality concerns you might have.
Before Ductwork MD


After Ductwork MD



 Not all duct cleaning companies are created equal!
Ductwork MD is a "premium" Furnace AND Duct cleaning company.
We clean the entire Furnace and Air Coditioning system

 1. The blower fan is removed from the furnace.

2. The blower is disassembled and the Housing, Fan, and Motor are cleaned separately.

3. The Evaporator coil is accessed and cleaned thoroughly.
4. The coils are covered with a thick canvas to prevent larger debris from falling onto them during the duct cleaning process.
5. The duct vacuum hose is inserted via the blower and coil compartments.
6. Air grilles are removed and a variety of brushes and pneumatic agitators are inserted through each branch of the ductwork separately.
7. The main trunks of the ductwork are then accessed and cleaned thoroughly.
8. All access holes are sealed with air tight plugs.
9. All internal components of the furnace are cleaned and cleared. The heat exchanger is inspected for cracks and/or excessive corrosion.
10. The evaporator coil is wet-washed if necessary.
11. The drain pan and drain line of the evaporator coil are cleaned and cleared.
12. The furnace is re-assembled and the plennums are sealed air tight.
13. The condenser coil is cleaned if necessary.
14. Any ductwork revealed to be damaged or loose during the duct cleaning process is then repaired.

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