Last Updated: May 27, 2020

Our Founder

Courtney N. Jobse is an energetic leader with over 12 years of professional experience within the elevating devices industry. A strong desire to improve processes, create an atmosphere of trust and transparency, deliver on promises, and establish meaningful relationships has led to his development of the phrase “Service of Uncompromising Quality”, and indeed a way of life. His unique vision for discovering ways to improve productivity, reduce vulnerabilities, and produce growth continues to directly impact customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Courtney Jobse was born in Winnipeg, MB, and grew up in Western Canada. His introduction to elevators came at an early age having taken great interest in the activities of his father, who has been an active member of the elevating devices industry in Canada for over 44 years. This interest has led to an extraordinary career, filled with a wide cross section of education and experience.

Courtney studied Electronics Engineering Technology at Devry in Calgary, AB, and has since gone on to include a multitude continuing education courses. He has accrued multi-national corporate and public administration experience. He has developed a deep commitment to developing and aligning quality systems and processes, and unleashing the hidden talent of his employees. He has received recognition for his problem solving abilities, dedication to safe work practices, exceptional customer service, and ensuring a job is completed in a thorough, professional manner. Dedicated to furthering his education, he is completing his Bachelor of Technology Management degree at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Courtney is an engaging public speaker. His casual presence and thought-provoking presentations are known for capturing audiences. He communicates his message in an entertaining, highly intuitive manner which leaves his audiences interested and informed. In addition to his oral abilities, Courtney is known for doing his own copywriting, and is currently authoring a technical publication.

This culmination of skills, education, and personal philosophy led to the incorporation of The Jobse Company.

Although Courtney is highly focused on developing The Jobse Company Inc, in his free time he enjoys training and socializing his dog, Joe, and relaxes by spending time with friends and learning to play the piano. His hobbies range from home improvement to outdoors activities of all kinds.

Delivering Service of Uncompromising Quality in all projects with which he is involved, Courtney Jobse is a highly effective professional who dedicated to delivering an exceptional result.

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