Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019


Are you “Stressed Messy” or “Stressed Cleanie”???
Are you the type of person who doesn’t realize how totally messy your home is until the doorbell rings? You may be what we lovingly call a “Stressed Messy”.

Or, are you the type who, when attempting to clean, instead finds yourself organizing your soup cans in alphabetical order? You just plain run out of the time it takes to clean your home to your own high standards. You may be what we lovingly call a “Stressed Cleanie”.
 Either type has a need forNeatnik’s “Clean Intervention”! Now, we totally understand these states of stress…we’ve all been there! New baby, double income with or without kids, new home, or just the honest-to-goodness need for some weekend R&R.
Why don’t you just call Linda for a free estimate…it’s so easy! We are a trusted, small company with 10 years experience to back us up. We’ve got honest people who really care about cleaning excellence. Our loyal customers have been with us for years. We’re bonded/insured and do just about any kind of cleaning at competitive prices…including windows!
 E-mail or Call Linda at 414-745-6532….we guarantee that there’ll be a smile waiting for you!Location: (Milw./Wauk/Ozau/Lake Counties)
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