Last Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals, previously known simply as Realtors Limited, is the premier villa rental company in Barbados, having opened its door at the advent of the villa rental business on our shores. Founded in 1952 by Nick and Sheila Parravicino, Realtors Limited offered Real Estate, Property Management, Appraisals, Insurance, and Long Term Rentals,  as well as Villa Rentals for those seeking relaxation in Barbados, the Gem of the Caribbean.

Our rental portfolio has grown over the decades and we now offer a wide cross section of villas, ranging from the small and charming to the grand and luxurious and available almost island wide.

Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals was created for you, we have dedicated staff to deal with every aspect of your holiday, from your initial request to your day of departure. Our Reservation staff are on hand to guide you through choosing your perfect villa or apartment to finalizing your booking and our Property Managers will ensure that everything is ready for your arrival on the island and to quickly and efficiently deal with any problems should they arise. Our Concierge Service will help guide you around the island, help with booking rental vehicles, health and baby equipment or outings and restaurants. In fact we have a full compliment of staff trained to help make your vacation the best it can be!

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