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  • Brush Clearing Services is an organization dedicated to delivering results professionally
Last Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Brush Cutting Services In Barbados

Brush Cut Services, Inc. (“BCS”) specializes in environmentally friendly land clearing and prides itself on setting industry standards by providing only the highest quality service, equipment and personnel on all its projects, no matter how large or small.

We are one of the few companies experienced with government conservation and restoration clearing and mulching programs. At BCS, we have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish even the most demanding jobs. Our trained personnel are highly experienced in a variety of terrain, habitat and weather conditions.

With increased environmental awareness, BCS is sensitive to the growing needs of our customers. We see to better land stewardship with an alternative clearing solution. which includes no burning or soil disturbance. In an effort to attain cleaner exhaust emissions, we make every effort to utilize bio-fuels in our equipment which is our small way of helping to contribute to the ongoing fight against global warming.

BCS uses state of the art equipment on all of their jobs. It is this custom equipment that give BCS the edge over conventional clearing equipment which utilize "pulling" techniques.

Brush Cut Services, Inc. is an organization dedicated to delivering results professionally.

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